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guarana slim patch

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Mr. Kason
Certification: ISO certificate
Model Number: new style products
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: Small quantity is aslo acceptable
Price: it is basis on your quantity
Packaging Details: sea worthy package
Delivery Time: 10-45 days after payment
Payment Terms: T/T payment, paypal, Western union
Supply Ability: 100000 pcs per month

Product Description

Guarana slim Patch/ Cambogia Slim Patch



1.Natural ingredients
2.Naturally Boosts Metabolic Rate,

3.Improves Blood

4.Packing: one box=10 sheets x 6 patches


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Main ingredients


Product characteristics:

It will not effect your daily work

100% natural ingredients, totally safe, no side effect

No need diet

No need extra high intensity exercise

No rebound if keep using

Easy to use, convenient and security



1.Get rid of phlegm dampness, constipation and simple obesity.

2.Evenly reduces and block the absorption of grease, sugar and starch.

3. Help burn the fat and detoxifying the toxicants accumulated in the body.

4.Significantly and effectively slims up the whole body.

5.Decrease body's cravings

6.Increase body metabolism to facilitate quick weight loss.

7.Help burning the fat and detoxifying the toxicants accumulated in the body.

8.Significantly and effectively slims up the whole body.



Applicable to simple obesity, puffiness or caused obesity by obesity and other irregular people. This product can improve the level of basic metabolism, accelerate blood circulation, shape and beauty body.




1.Apply one patch each 8 hours to the following areas: Arm, abdomen, shoulder, back or hip2.The area where you apply the patch should be clean and dry.

3.Hold firmly in place for approximately 30 seconds.

4.Please rotate the position of the patch each time to avoid skin irritation.



1. For external use only

2. The lean and those with skin allergies should consult a physician expert before use

3. Individuals with eating disorders should consult a doctor before use

4. Pregnant women, breast-feeding women and Children under 12 years old are prohibited to use.

5. Women who is in menstrual period can not use

6. Sensitive skin people are prohibited to use.

7. Do not stick the patch onto the broken or ulceration skin.

8. This product can only be a one-time use.



Pure natural extraction, external application, no side effect, no diarrhea, no thirst, no dizziness feeling, no anorexia



1. Defecate may be increased or excretion with oil in the first time applying, don’t worry.

2. Drinking 8 cups of water (200 ml per cup) in one day, is recommended for toxin discharge.

3. Do not eat oily food or spicy food when you use the patch

4. Do aerobic exercise half an hour per day, help you to get good slimming result.


Packaging & Shipping

6 patches on a sheet, ten sheet (60 patches in total) in a paper box.






Guarana slimming patch’s ingredients derive from Gurana, marine algae and natural

minerals which work with your body’s chemistry to help loss your weight. It is made of pure natural herbal ingredient, no side effect! Stick on the skin, it burn fat and eliminate hunger and produce a substance which can regulate your weight. Its components are absorbed by our body and promote the thyroid function. Through this way to increase metabolism and stimulate the body own fat burning cells function.



We recommend that people use this product in the period, strictly abide by the following principles:
1. Daily consumption of not less than 8 glasses of water
2. Eat three meals a day and reasonable food
3. Eat a healthy dessert
4. Resist the high-protein foods and butter
5. Resist containing chocolate and high sugar content of food and beverage
6. Moderate exercise, walking is necessary
7. Bandages that target substances such as plastic products of skin allergies, and should try this product for several hours, removed patch, check for a sense of all skin, and then the beginning of routine use of this product.



Slimming patches are a perfect example of TRANSDERMAL PATCHES. Though many people still find it amusing that a simple stick-it diet patch can make you lose weight, fact is such patches turn out to be far more effective as compared to pills.


This is because they deliver the ingredients straight into the bloodstream where they are needed, through the skin pores. What it means is that the ingredients do not have to go through your stomach, intestines or liver to reach the bloodstream. This ensures there is no wastage of the ingredients due to digestive fluids.

This ensures that a smaller dosage can produce faster effects!


What’s more interesting is that a patch tends to release the ingredients into your body slowly and steadily for as long as you keep the patch on. This ensures a sustained effect throughout the day.

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